Tarz Peştemal Plaj Elbiseleri

About Us

Our company, established in 2016, has adopted the principle of working with a business model that adds value to our domestic and international customers with our 20-year-old commercial ethics and values, established to create a style in loincloth.

With the importance and sensitivity we attach to customer satisfaction, we focused on constantly improving our production in order to add value to Turkish cotton in the world.

Production & Apparel

Weaving Peshtemal types are produced only on our looms.

Peshtemal towels and peshtemal clothing products are available in our facilities where we produce in Denizli. We always aim for development in production and work without compromising on quality by protecting the values ​​of the customers we serve.

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0(850) 550 78 20

Tarz Peştemal Plaj Elbiseleri

Tarz Peştemal Plaj Elbiseleri
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